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Help All My Emails Are Gone



I performed deep system scan with BD 2010 , after it had finished it quarantined my outlook.pst file.

I uninstalled BD and reinstalled it again.

now I have the quarantined files including my pst file but under bdq extension.

I checked the quarantined files from bitdefender but the list was empty!!

how can I restore the bdq file to pst? I tried renaming the file but it didnt work!!

Any thought



  • Mihaela M.
    edited June 2011

    Hi lipton,

    In order to decrypt your .pst file I need you to send me a PM with the .dbq and .ref files from the Quarantine folder. You can upload them on and in case they are more than 300 MB try to use another FTP which allows you to send large files.

    Thank you!

  • Thank you for your reply

    I am afraid I have a lot of personal stuff in the pst file.

    Can you pleased teach me the way to decrypt the file myself.


  • Hi lipton,

    I sent you an email. If you agree with what I wrote you, please reply me.

    Thank you!