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Bitdefender Total Security 2010 And Wind 7 Problems


Hi guys,

i'm having a problem with my bitdefender total security 2010 and my windows 7 home premium. everytime i startup my laptop and it finished booting up.......the little action center icon on the taskbar has the little "x" by it...when i click on it it asks me to "turn on microsoft action center" when i click that 2 sometimes 3 other messages pop-up asking me to

1. Turn on bitdefender antivirus

2. check my firewall settings

or sometimes

3. turn on btidefender antispyware.

Now the problem with No. 1 is that even though i click turn on the antivirus and i click "yes i trust this program" the message does not leave the action center pop-up.

The problem with No. 2 is basically the same thing.

The problem with No. 3 is that when i click "turn on antispyware" the option to turn on either bitdefender antispyware or windows defender is there. if i highlight windows defender and click turn on the WINDOWS DEFENDER TURNS ON. however if i highlight bitdefender and click turn on it will not turn on.

one thing i should mention though is that sometimes these messages do come off after awhile such as right now as i am writing this message the messages have been resolved( not when i tried to resolve them but much after) but other times they just remain there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi DarylG,

    In order to solve the issue you described I would recommend you to upgrade for free to BitDefender 2011. Information about this process are available HERE.

    Thank you!