[resolved] No Option For Attachment

There is no option for attachments in supporting to the issue reported.


  • Hi ONT,

    Could you provide me with more information about this, please ? Also post a screenshot with the situation.

    Thank you!

  • Here is the link for snapshot.


    You will see there is no option for attachments.

  • Hello,

    Should be OK now. Let me know if you can see the attachment button now. Modified forum permissions.

  • Cool, I was bothered in another thread that I could not attach screenshots.

    The "Insert Image" feature should really allow to browse for the screenshot on the local computer, being forced to upload it on a third-party site is a hassle. But attachments will do.

  • Fixed.

  • Not fixed in Privacy Category.

  • Not fixed in some other categories also.

  • Hi,

    Please tell me all the categories where you still have this issue and I will modify them.

    Also I have modified the time you are able to edit your posts from 3 minutes to 15 minutes.

  • The Feature Request for one, but you should really check all the BD 2012 sections and be systematical about adding attachment support, otherwise we can only report them one by one as we hit the issue.

    It should probably be a default setting when mods create a new section, and maybe set on the top BD 2012 section too if the subsections inherit the setting from its parent section.

    Similarly, is there a way to disable or reduce the 120 s "flow control" delay between posts for regular posters?

  • coolcool1227
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    edited August 2011

    1) Firewall

    2) Antispam

    3) Update

    4) Parental Control

    5) Privacy

    6) SafeBox

    7) Tune-up

    8) Network Map

    9) SafeGo

    10) Feature Request

    All above categories don't have option for attachment. I've verified this by replying to any post of each category.

    @Also I have modified the time you are able to edit your posts from 3 minutes to 15 minutes.

    Nice :)

  • Hi,

    Omer: All categories modified.

    Chimel: flow control reduced to 90 seconds.

    Also created a "General" category for all issues not related to a certain BitDefender module and moved the topic.


  • Thanks, Daniel!

  • rootkit
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    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    Since the situation is resolved, I declare this topic closed.

    Thank you. Have a nice day.


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