How Do I Turn Firewall Off

I have two computers on a home network. (only one router of course)

I have several browsers but prefer Chrome.

Suddenly, Chrome on the desktop can access nothing. Always I get the timeout error.

No other browser has any trouble.

Google forums have many complaints about this problem but none of the solutions list make any difference work.

One is to turn off BitDefender's Firewall. It that the same thing as turning off Firewall Alerts?

If not -- any ideas to get Chrome working again?


  • Hi Bjay,

    To solve your situation I recommend you to follow the steps below:

    - open BitDefender in Expert View

    - select Antivirus

    - click on the Exclusion tab

    - click on the "+" sign

    - the BitDefender Exclusions Wizard will open

    - choose Exclude by file/folder path or Exclude by extension

    - click on Next

    - click on Browse and select the executable file of Google Chrome

    - click on Open

    - click on OK

    - close BitDefender and check if the issue is solved.

    Thank you!