[resolved]no Access To Online Parental Control Accounts

I've been trying to access the online parental accounts but to no avail. initially i suspected a browser problem on my side. but after trying 3 different browsers and not having any success, i'm starting to think it's a website problem. here's a screenshot of the browser screen that i get when i click on parental controls. the page loads and the accounts appear for a split second while loading then disappear leaving a screen that looks like the ff screenshot. pls advise.



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    What product do you have installed on your PC? Have you activate it?

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  • i am using bit defender internet security 2011. yes i have activated it. i have 480 day left on my account.

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    As the new Bitdefender 2012 product suite was released, we would like to inform you that you benefit from a FREE upgrade to the latest version.

    Apart from the fact that the 2012 suite brings lots of new features and improvements, it will most likely solve any issues that you may have encountered with your previous Bitdefender product.

    Please check out this announcement:


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  • thank you for the quick reply and the links. the issue has been resolved.

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    Since this actual case was resolved, I declare this topic closed.

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