Antiphish Don't Work In Firefox 11

For a long time now the Bit Defender Antiphising Toolbar 2.0 hasn't worked in the latest version of Firefox. I've been waiting for a BD update to fix this issue but so far nothing.

In FF extensions it says the toolbar is incompatible with Firefox 11. When are BD going to fix this?


  • rootkit
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    Hi :)

    As the new Bitdefender 2012 product suite was released, we would like to inform you that you benefit from a FREE upgrade to the latest version.

    Apart from the fact that the 2012 suite brings lots of new features and improvements, it will most likely solve any issues that you may have encountered with your previous Bitdefender product.

    Please check out this announcement:

    The product is compatible with the latest version of Firefox, v12.

    Thank you.

  • soopytwist
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    edited May 2012

    Well I did what you said, I installed 2012. Then I uninstalled it again and put 2011 back.

    Seriously? you think 2012 is an improvement?! Yes the sand box feature is a great new addition and something I've been waiting for for years but the rest of the program is very poor.

    1. Exclusions don't work (yes I did follow the exclusion instructions to the latter)

    2. No scan activity bar

    3. Simplified GUI is too "intermediate", there should be an expert mode option for professionals like myself

    4. Boot time significantly increased

    5. Larger resource hog than 2011

    6. Turning off auto scan and on-access scanning does not actually turn them off

    My mine gripe with 2012 is that adding exe's to the exclusions list doesn't ignore them and continues to block them. Whereas 2011 is happy to exclude them and not block them when they're accessed.

    2012 is an f'ing joke. I think when my 211 days current license is up I'll go elsewhere, if this is the future of Bitdefender.

  • rootkit
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    Hello :)

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Let's talk about your experience with the new product:

    1. Exclusions are not applied to contextual scans, what do you mean by the don't work?

    2. It will be reintroduced in Bitdefender 2013.

    Have you used the uninstall before the installation of the product?

    Thank you!

  • rootkit
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    The toolbar is now compatible with Firefox 10+ and Thunderbird 10+, including the latest build 13.

    Thank you!