[resolved] Bd Total Security 2013 Reboot Requires [again]


it about 7 times a day, please help me to resolve this ! :(


  • I have this after every build update, even with the latest one! I give it six or seven reboots then I take the plunge & completely uninstall it. I then run CCleaner & the registry cleaner. Then reinstall BDTS allowing it to download updates during installation. Each time this has work well for me and NO reboots.

    Until they sort this out I will do this for each new build update from now on.

  • Hmm,, i don't like online kit, my internet connection is too slow :(

  • Hmm,, i don't like online kit, my internet connection is too slow :(

    Waiting for new offline installer (

  • exodius
    edited September 2012

    suggestion to BD, better than release the patch that can use update BD to new version. I think this method is too simple than must be download offline kit or update online directly from prograam.

    sorry for my bad lang. :D

  • until now, BD, as it remains , helpp :(

  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    Hello :)

    A product update was released. Your build should be right click on Bitdefender icon from system tray-near the clock-and choose "About". You should see in the left side the build number).

    In order for the product update to be installed, you need to reboot your machine(you should see in the Events -> "Reboot required" under the Update module).




    Let me know if the situation is solved.

    Have a nice day.

  • solved, chris.

    now bd updated to build

  • Hello :)

    I am glad to hear that.

    In this case, I declare the situation resolved and the topic closed.

    Take care.

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