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Forgetting Settings On Reboot


Samsung 7 W7 64 bits

I start with these settings:


At reboot this is what I get:


:huh:<img class=" />:wacko:

I think this is a bug!


  • Not resolved yet.

  • Well, after latest update this is the situation (Samsung 7 gamer 64 bits W7):

    - I set FW user mode as in previous message

    - on reboot, this is what I get now


    so there is a (minor) difference, but settings are still forgotten.

  • A technical question:

    as far as I understand, it seems that FW settings are stored in

    C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender 2013\settings\firewall\settings.xml

    So, why are they forgotten on reboot? (on some PCs)

  • rootkit

    Hello :)

    This issue is related to this behavior:

    Our developers are working to fix it as we speak.

    Thank you!