"the Sim In Your Friend's Phone Has Been Changed."

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EVERY TIME the phone is turned on it sends a message saying:

"The SIM in your friend's phone has been changed. This may mean that the phone was stolen. This SMS message has been sent from the new number using the new SIM."

happening on 2 phones, both: motorola droid razr m.

was happening on the factory installed older version seventy something.

still happening after upgrading to the latest version downloaded from verizon.

bitdefender mobile security and antivirus is version 1.2.62


  • Could you please update Mobile Security to the latest build , 1.2.164 and tell me if this issue is still occuring.

    Also , has the SIM card been changed recently ?

  • well, looks like my trail period has expired.

    the sim card hasn't been out of the phone since it came home from the store.

    uninstalled 1.2.62

    installed 1.2.164

    and it sent the same message after shut down / power up.

  • Ok ,

    We will look into this issue and get back as soon as possible.

    Thank you ,


  • This has started to me just after initiating the SMS option in Mobile Security. Upon the second SMS, I disabled this option, however, the messages keep being sent. I have the latest version installed.

  • The same thing is happening to me, I get sms messages even if I have disabled sms security and even if the sim card is not changed. I hope I do not have to pay for these messages, because I am outside my country and don't want to pay roaming fees because of this application fault. Please advice on how to get these messages to stop!

  • Hello ,

    Sorry for the late response.

    Please make sure you have the latest version off Mobile Security installed.

    If this still occurs please leave a post stating your device model. So we can investigate for your specific device types.

    Usually this shouldn't happen but on certain devices some system events fire up even if they are not supposed to.

  • Usually I don't like to necro, but I have this issue happening on a Nexus 5x over Project Fi. Using Mobile Security v3.2.68.38.



  • Hello Larry,

    The situation is known with Google Fi users, we are working on resolving this situation.

    For the time being you can delete de data cache as it will reset the settings allowing you to keep that feature disabled.

  • Ok, Thanks for the update and the work around.


  • This problem is still occuring when will it be fixed?