Forgot My App Setting Pin Number, And Remote Lock Problem

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HI, I just renewed my mobile bitdefender and seem to to have forgotten the PIN for the in-app settings. I can access the program and all it's options, and see it from mybitdefender web page though, just not the settings/anti-theft. How do I reset the number? the "show password" part on mybitdefender is preyed out.

Also, the lock command when sent from the web page doesn't actually lock, if the android lock screen is disabled on the phone itself. I use several profiles on my mobile. One for outside/work has an actual working lock screen, when that's on, the bitdefender remote lock command does work. However when I use my home profile without a lock, the remote lock command doesn't do anything. This means if I lost my phone when the lock-screen was disabled, bitdefender is useless.

Tried sending this through the customer care form, yet I keep getting an error message.

Thanks for the help


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    We can use some more information regarding this issue.

    First of all if you could send me a PM with the email address that your are logged in with , your Android version and phone model for start.

    If you are using an app. for the multiple profiles it could really help us your told us what that app was.

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    I sent the details by PM .

    Android 4.0.4 on Galaxy S, latest versions of BD mobile/Total security.

    By "profile" I just meant the Android custom user personal profiles, it just automates switching the settings such as lock screen/BT/wifi etc'

    You can just ignore this and pretend this issue is with no remote lock when the android lock screen is turned off. When it is on, the lock does happen ok, instead of the pattern lock I use, the PIN is the one set by bitdefender website. The remote lock should be able or designed to actually turn on the lock screen on android and not just set the PIN.

  • Hello,

    I really like the new App Lock feature from BMS, but from today, I cannot enter the PIN to unlock my application.

    I have tried several times to enter it and when i hit submit, it doesn't validate (no error message).

    So, the obvious step was to go on mybitdefender account to show password (I though I did something wrong) yet, is the same password I enter. Is there a way to reset the password or something?

    Steps attempted:

    - entered app lock pin (which is the same as anti-theft pin)

    - tried removing the app from app lock (same pin issue)

    - tried entering the anti-theft pin from account (same issue)

    Phone details:

    - Android 4.0.4

    - BMS 2.18.119

    - (Build-in) Messaging application

    - AllviewAX2Frenzy

    Please help (or if it's fixed on an update or something, please let me know too) !

  • Similar problem. I am on Samsung Galaxy A21s. Forget you app pin and you may as well throw your phone away. I can get into app central - automatically you get sent here after you say forgot pin, but you get logged out as soon as you try and uncheck your apps. Useless.

  • go to Bitdefender Central

    click on the device

    sounds strange but click on rename and the new window shows you the PIN