Hi I just got my copy of Bitdefender Total Security 2013 and I also use utorrent ,latest version and also latest version of Bitdefender 2013, I was getting frequent disconnects I use a router also which is already configured for utorrent.In Bitdefender I went to adapter rules and put my ip address (192.168....) and put it to allow. What is the right way of setting utorrent up? Shouldn't the program do all of this on its own without any disconnects when using utorrent?Thks


  • Anyone pls?

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    Use Bitdefender in Auto Pilot Mode to add the firewall rules automatically, other wise turn ON User Mode, Paranoid Mode and IDS for adding rules according to your own requirements.

  • OK Thks for reply but it is in pilot mode and utorrent is being disconnected sometimes and with slow download speeds.Do I need to put the port number in somewhere will that help?

  • Use Bitdefender is User Mode.

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    Do you need further assistance with the utorrent software?

    Please post back and let me know, thank you! :)

  • Thks for the reply ,it seems to be working ok firewall is setting its own rules, I didn't touch anything. My question is though should I put the port number to allow in firewall rules for utorrent? Thks

  • Hi,

    If your download speed is OK using other apps (browsers etc.), there is no problem with BD Firewall.

    If "uTorrent" needs a specific port opened (I think, it's not necessary even if it ask for it), you have to configure your router (read your router manual for How To).


  • Thks no problem port is open in router.

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    Did you create a firewall rule for uTorrent?

    See this pinned topic for more details:


  • Hello and Thanks for reply I made one in my router ,do I need to also in firewall of Bitdefender? Thks

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    Yes, please try to set a rule in the Bitdefender firewall too and let's see how uTorrent performs afterwards.

    Thank you.

  • I have don the same and it worked just fine. :)

  • Hello,

    Do you need further assistance with the utorrent software?

    Please post back and let me know, thank you!

    Hi. Since utorrent connects to various IPs. What Ip address should we set in "Remote Address"? smile2.png

  • Ok Thks for reply Georgia , now how do I set utorrent in Firewall rule?

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    Hi, please see this pinned topic about creating a Firewall rule:


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    I faced the same problem, uTorrent connection with peers just disconnected, sometimes it runs for a while and just stopped, or it was stopped when processing the new download, or just dont download at all (not connecting at all)

    What I did was to remove/delete the firewall rule for uTorrent.

    Start BD in AutoPilot mode, turn off Firewall

    Start uTorrent again

    New firewall rules created automatically

    And this fixed the issue for me, at least for now. Will update if the problem comes again.

    I have other application which has connection issue too, and by deleting the rules and restart application it seems solving the problem.