Bitdefender Stopped Working

Hi I just purchased bitdefender antivirus plus 2013, and i've exhausted all my efforts at figuring out how to get it installed on my computer.

I tried installing bitdefender_antivirus.exe 2.31 mb and running the program but immediately it comes up with bitdefender setup downloader has stopped working.

So I tried downloading the 32bit bitdefender_av_2013_32b.exe and running the program.

It comes up with the option "do you want to download newer files while installing?"

I click "yes" and it comes up with "bitdefender setup downloader has stopped working" and when I click "no" and the same message comes up.

I looked through the list of installed programs on my machine, and I'm pretty sure I uninstalled them all. Though it shows norton is still on the machine even though its been uninstalled, and I even tried uninstalling it again, and nothing comes up after I click the uninstall.

Anyways hope any of this helps, and someone knows of any way of helping me get it installed. thanks.



  • Looks like a conflict with Norton. You can probably use a cleaner program like Ccleaner or any of those registry cleaners out there and try installing it again. smile2.png

  • werby3
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    Hi travish999,

    Uninstall BitDefender (if it's partially or totally installed) using the proper tool.

    Run the proper uninstallation tool(s) for your previous antivirus/firewall app(s).

    Then use "CCleaner" (it's free) on Registry mode to clean the registry.

    Restart and install again BD using offline installer, with NO internet connection.

    Then connect to internet for activation, update BD aaand restart.

    I hope, above steps will solve the problem.


  • tdhurley999
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    alright well i got norton off the registry and everything it had on the computer thanks to the Ccleaner. I tried installing using the offline installation bitdefender 32bit exe program. This time however it came up with the error message "This program cannot be run on your machine" not sure where to go from here again. Thanks for the help so far though.

    I also tried putting it back on the internet afterwards and clicking the option "yes" to the update and installation and the original message of "bitdefender setup downloader has stopped working".

  • werby3
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    Have you tried to uninstall BD?

    If not, Uninstall BitDefender using the proper tool from here :

    Run again CCleaner, restart and install again BD with NO internet connection.

    Then connect to internet for activation, update BD and restart.


  • tdhurley999
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    thanks for your post. i went ahead and removed norton again, also I tried to remove bitdefender using the uninstall tooll, but it didn't have anything it needed to uninstall. I tried to install bitdefender again. Same problem. i was wondering if there might be another scenario where this has happened before or if it strictly only brings up this error if you have another virus protector on your computer.

    I dont know if this will help but i clicked on the information that comes with that error. Not sure if this will help. It certainly makes no sense to me. Thanks again.

    Problem signature:

    Problem Event Name: BEX

    Application Name: setupdownloader.exe

    Application Version:

    Application Timestamp: 512cc6ee

    Fault Module Name: setupdownloader.exe

    Fault Module Version:

    Fault Module Timestamp: 512cc6ee

    Exception Offset: 000184f2

    Exception Code: c0000417

    Exception Data: 00000000

    OS Version: 6.1.7600.

    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional Information 1: 2fb1

    Additional Information 2: 2fb1c3316fdb765e4593e4f7bbb19a63

    Additional Information 3: 8278

    Additional Information 4: 8278c46097e4ae71127e2941ffa3a785

  • werby3
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    You can try method described here using e.g. 7zip (it's free) to extract BD installer files.

  • werby3
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    ...i went ahead and removed norton again...
    Have you tried to remove norton using uninstall tool from here : ?
  • Yep thanks werby. Sorry I wasn't clear on that. I ran the norton uninstall tool restarted the computer. I also just tried the method you described above. Downloaded 7 zip ran the installerpackage and then ran the installer.exe it asked if i wanted to run it i said yes. After that nothing happened, and it isn't on the computer nothing installed. I dont know maybe I should just get a refund kind of too much of a pain for something that doesn't work. thanks again.

  • Hi,

    You have to contact to BD support first, by chat or mail here :

    They should help you to solve your issue.


  • Georgia
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    Hello travish999 and welcome!

    To further investigate the cause of this installation issue, please post here a support tool log:

    If the file is too big to attach it, upload it on


    and post the download link.

    If you were already asked to generate the log file, disregard the above message and just post the ticket ID.

    Have a nice weekend!

  • ok, share us the past of your system and other installed softwares and OS detail and system specs, virus history on your system etc.

    Try to use the Norton uninstall tool in Safe Mode and then restart the system. Again use the Bitdefender Uninstall tool in Safe Mode, restart the system in Normal Mode and run CCleaner. Download the offline installer, disable internet connection and then run the installer. Also