Need Help! Never Received Confirmation Email!


I am new to the forums and to bitdefender and I am not sure if I'm posting in the right place but I've purchased Bitdefender Total Security 2008 with my credit card and It's been acouple hours and I've never received an email. I contacted live support 3x and nobody ever answered so I ended up sending emails to them. I am getting frustrated and I really need to download this ASAP. Can a moderator help me out? or anyone...?


  • It has been a couple of hours now. What's the latest update on this?

  • The email comes from one of our credit card processing partners, one could be digitalriver. Please allow a couple of hours because they could have some problems that will soon be solved.

    If you need to download the kit, you can do that from and start the trial. As soon as the serial key arrives you can insert it in your registration wizard from BitDefender, that was already installed as a trial.

    Hope that helps for now and have a Merry Christmas.

  • I report another experience of the order confirmation email (and license key) not being received, in case any aspect of my experience helps other readers some how.

    Over two hours ago I purchased BitDefender's Total Security program through BitDefender's website. The order was processed through Digital River's service (determined by checking URLs for the pages visited). I have not received any email from Digital River or BitDefender to confirm the order or to communicate anything else related to the order.

    Digital River has a web page on which to find out information related to an order:

    If you happen to have the order number and an existing account (and password) with Digital River, these can be enterred into the dialog box at the above URL to supposedly retrieve order information. If, like me, you do not have this information, you can enter your email address and the last five digits of the credit card number you used to make the purchase and order information can, again supposedly, be retrieved that way. Unfortunately and going past 2-1/2 hours after completing the order, my email address and five digits of credit card number still report that the order is not found.

    I have submitted online requests for assistance to the Customer Service groups of both Digital River and BitDefender. No response from either yet.

    I have already installed the trial version of the program and run out the trial period. Attempting to install another trial version until I eventually (hopefully) receive the order confirmation email and product license key is not an option for me.

    I hope not too many of us continue to experience this problem. I hope my post can somehow be of help to other readers.