Bd Is 2011 Blocks Install Of Asus Xonar Phoebus

To BitDefender Support:

I tried to install a new sound card, the Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus but the file "CmeAuVist64.exe" was being blocked by BitDefender Internet Security 2011 and so the only way I could install my new sound card was to uninstall BitDefender, then install the sound cards software, then reinstall BitDefender - a procedure that I'm sure you'll agree was an unnecessary (though sadly required) pain in the ######.

Please add the file to BitDefender's exclusions to help others (and me if I need to reinstall the sound card).

I can't upload it, your dumb forum won't let me.


  • Is there also a prompt or error message when BD is not letting you install it? Try doing it at safe mode instead, you should have luck there. smile2.png

  • Sorry for the delay replying. It worked by installing the drivers in safe mode.