Product now works with Comodo Firewall

Option to add exceptions to detected items now available

Threat Control area created to display both quarantined items and exceptions applied by the user

Option to bypass detected webpages at users own risk

Ignored items section now displayed separately for password-protected archives

Quicksweep flow enhanced for maximum protection

New actions added to the security flow when suspect items are found during scan


  • Download link?

  • Download link?


    I would like to hear developers.

  • Do you have to download and install manually, or automatically by the program???

    Thx Rampant for Info.


  • I think the information is false, set 946 build.

  • I think the information is false, set 946 build.

    I have been using BD AV Free on my W7 computer for a number of months. All program updates have been pushed through by Bitdender. There is no installer file for BD AV Free. The file you download from their website for BD AV Free is a small file just like it is for BD W8 Security. Not more than 200K in size. When you open it it connects to a Bitdefender server that does the rest.

    Since some BD AV product updates require a reboot/restart to complete I did do a restart of my W7 computer after reading the OP on this thread. 946 remained the build number after the restart.

    My advice. Just let BD AV Free do its thing and BD will push through released updates and update your installed version of the BD product. Just make sure you do a restart of your computer regularly and/or check the BD UI and logs to see if you need to do a restart of the computer to finish applying the update.

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