Undeleting Files Deleted By Bitdefender


hi, im using the trial for the latest bitdefender total security, being quite impressed by it and all was running great however bitdefender when scaning my pc has deleted some files from it assuming they were virus without giving me the option to delete or to keep them, is there a way to get those files back ?

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  • There's no way to get them back through BitDefender. You see, the people here at BitDefender cater to novices who don't know anything about computers so they like their security software to do everything for you without letting you know. This is why it deleted your stuff without notifying you. Many people would like a "prompt" popup option for when BitDefender detects an infected file so you can choose what to do with it, but they just don't listen. It's a simple change. Best of luck to you!

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    Hello Jorge,

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    As mentioned in the above post pinpointed by Charyb, in Bitdefender you can recover all the disinfected files via Events.

    We strive to reduce false-positive reports to a minimum. However, these reports are commonly due to bad programming practices (e.g. applications that change the Master Boot Record, add run registry entries, change system files without the user’s confirmation or execute custom macros in office applications, etc.).

    To correct this issue and create a generic exclusion, please send us the detected files as described below.

    - add the sample file to an archive using any file compression software of your choice (WinZip, WinRAR, etc.)

    - password protect the zip file with the password "infected"

    - upload the archive on a file server such as http://www.sendspace.com or http://www.mediafire.com and post the download link.

    If the files are legit, we will whitelist them so they won't be flagged by our products anymore. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! :)