Bitdefender Free : Fewer Detections Than Paid ?


I have BitDefender Free on my PC (Windows 8 64bits) and when I verify malwares files, BDAV doesn't find anything in 50% of case. But when I search these malwares files on virustotal or with Jotti, BitDefefender knows already these files as malwares !

WHY ? Is there a difference between the free and the paid version ? The free has the cloud, heuristic and AVC as the paid version.

Has the free version a local database as the paid ?

Moreover, I think that B-have and AVC don't work correctly with the free version.

I have tested some malwares with a virtual machine and I have the same result than with just a scan of the files (without launch) : less detections than other antivirus and no detections for many malwares also detected as known by BitDefender normally

Thank you for your help


  • yes me too.

    i have scan with free edition(updated) and doesnt detect them but the paid version is detect it.

  • so, there is a BIG problem.

    is it a bug ?

    is it blocked by BitDefender for the free version ?

  • i dont know.

    but i know the free version doesnt test at tester websites until now.

  • This shouldn't be happening. Still bitdefender free antivirus hasn't been tested by many reviewers. so can't tell for sure what is the cause.

    but why there is no official reply from bitdefender. only we users are talking to each other. <img class=" />

  • Both product ranges should act, detect and block approximately to the same levels. Could you please provide some detection names, samples, sample hashes, Virus Total links, etc. etc. so we can investigate?

  • Neal
    edited August 2013

    Yes please I am also curious about this. I am waiting for my symantic license to run out and then purchase a Internet Security license so I can use the built in parental controls for my kids and the safeplay for my wife on the family computer, while using just the Free edition on my old personal computer b/c I personally don't need the extra stuff. Would like to have confidence in the free version as much as I have in paid version.