New 2014 Version:


Bitdefender 2014 has been updated to

Look forward to a change log.


  • Thanks for the heads up and posting this thread, Mallard :)

    The changelog should be posted in the next day or two.


  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭

    Hello :)

    The change log will be posted in the next hours.

    May you all have a great week ahead!

  • Where is the change log for the new build?

  • Hello.

    We were informed that the change log would be added in a couple of hours by Goergia, the thread was then closed.

    Now we find that the change log has still not been added!

    Never knew that adding a change log was so difficult.

  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭


    The changelog will be available in a few minutes here:

    Take care.

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