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I have Windows 8 pro 64 bit. Bitdefender 13 firewall cannot be monitored along with any network adapters or wifi connections. I have contacted Support and they seem to have lost interest in solving the problem.

I have reinstalled the software several time already, following supports recommendations....NO LUCK.

Any ideas?

The firewall monitoring works perfectly on win7 64 bit.


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    Please post back your ticket ID so I can do a follow-up on it.

    Thank you!

  • doncht

    For sure, that is an issue with OS. By the way, what version of BD do you currently have on? smile2.png

  • I have the same problem with 2014. The firewall does not detect any network adapters or activity. Also if I try to change any of the advanced firewall options, I get a "Bitdefender Firewall Error: Failed to communicate with the Bitdefender Security Service!". And it's been like this all the time.

    I started using Bitdefender with 8.1 Preview and it had the same problem. Then I thought that I'd do a clean install of Windows 8 but I still have the same problem. And I do not have any other security software installed, although I'm really starting to miss ESET Smart Security which I've used for years before this.

  • I have the same issue here. I can't tell if firewall is on or off. This is driving me crazy and support is helping at all. Please fix this issue. W7 64bit worked perfectly but W8 64bit is having problems.

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    @ olavinto

    That error message appears when drivers are not installed properly or Bitdefender does not load correctly the firewall library.

    I will need a diagnostic tool to see what is wrong:

    If the file is too big to attach, upload it on or

    and post the download link.

    Since this area of the forum refers only to Bitdefender 2013 products, please start a new topic here:

    @ vrajesh

    @ snowstorm11

    A quick solution for the encountered issue is to upgrade to The New Bitdefender. The upgrade is absolutely free of charge and due to the many improvements brought to this lineup any issues you may have encountered with your current product are now solved.

    In order to upgrade to the new version please follow the steps below:

    From now on, post in this area of the forum in case you encounter further issues after the upgrade:

    Thank you.

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