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With the newest version of Anti Virus Plus ( , I keep getting Security Certificate errors almost on every webpage. If I disable the "Scan SSL" option, the problem goes away. I've looked throughout the forum, however, I can't find a solution. I'm using IE10 with all settings in default.... My system clock is up to date.

Any advice?


  • Anybody???

    Am I the only one with this problem?

  • Hello,

    This issue should be already solved with the latest build version You have all the details over here:


    Please right click on the Bitdefender icon located in system tray and from the menu select "Update Now". Reboot the PC if requested, then check if the issue persists.

    Thank you. :)

  • There is another issue with secured ssl pages:

    Normally Firefox shows after clicking the closed lock in url line the CA and additional informations.

    After installing BD-IS it shows:

    'Verified from: Bitdefender

    Site owner: Unknown'

    Bitdefender isn't an authorizised CA, so security can't be controlled as expected!?.

    Is it a security issue?

    Please explain the way of verifying ssl pages by Bitdefender.


  • Hello bitter150,

    This is not a security issue, it's FaD (functions as designed) because to be able to scan those secured websites, Bitdefender interpose its own security certificate.

    If that message disturbs you, simply turn OFF the Scan SSL button under Settings > Privacy Control > Antiphishing tab.

    Thank you for your feedback, have a great weekend!

  • Dear Georgia,

    thanks, but the injected BD certificate seems to be issued by Bitdefender itself:

    "Bitdefender Personal CA.Net-Defender"

    Few days ago I did start a discussion because of thinking this to be a security related issue:


    BD launches a certificate which hasn't been verified from an official CA, isn't it? So there seems to be NO direct validation of target server possible, in my opinion BD acts as a local 'Man-in-middle'. This opens serveral cogitable scenarios for spoofing/attacking the secure connection.

  • I just installed Bitdefender Total Security on my wife's computer the other day and I can tell you for certain that the SSL problem has not gone away. She uses Firefox as her browser and every single secure website comes up with the error warning. Her version of Total Security is: This appears to be a Firefox only problem as I cannot replicate it in MSFT IE10 I have had to turn Scan SSL off so that I would not have to continually coach her about how to work through the menu to add the site to a trusted one. Even that doesn't fully work as the websites default to a text only view, making them difficult to navigate.

  • Hello ,

    can anybody tell me

    What is SSL Error ?

  • Hello ,

    can anybody tell me

    What is SSL Error ?

    Well ........ it is an error with SSL scanning and security certificates.

    To be sure you need to state what version of Bitdefender you use, and what browser you see the problem with.

    Bitdefender can be set to not scan SSL connections, uncheck the SSL selection in the privacy page of your Bitdefender GUI.

  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭


    The explanation is available here:


    Please post in the topic indicated above should you have further concerns on this subject.

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