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Firewall Prevents World Of Warcraft 64bit Client From Working As Of Today 09/24/2013

Since today 09/24/2013 I am unable to run the 64bit client for World of Warcraft with Bitdefender's firewall switched on. The title screen takes ages to load and then when I log in it always errors after a while with connection error. If I disable the firewall OR run the 32bit client the game works perfectly. I have tried all the usual stuff, adding my own rule for WOW-64.exe (although there is already one and that worked fine before) but just can not get it to work with the Bitdefender firewall switched on. It was working absolutely fine until today, not sure if it was due to an update applied today by Bitdefender or a small patch that went on WOW today. Either way I can not run WOW 64bit client with firewall switched on. Any thoughts, work arounds, or fixes???


  • Fixed it, it seems that when WOW patched it somehow corrupted the firewall rule, by deleting the automatic firewall rule addition, it worked. Unfortunately for Bitdefender to add the rule for this .exe again automatically I had to reinstall Bitdefender completely.

  • I'm glad WoW is up and running on your PC now. Thanks for posting back with your results :)

    Have a great day!

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