Bitdefender Won't Install

I bought bitdefender today and every time I try to install it to my laptop an error occurs. It says that the scan only gets to about 1% and then an error pops up. I tried to turn off my firewall and a bunch of others things that the website told me to do and none of them worked. I have windows 8. How do I get it to install?


  • I'm having the same problem. I've completely uninstalled my previous security program. I also clicked "Unblock" in the download file's Property settings. It will complete the download bar (the middle one) but the scan bar (the top one) stops at 1% and then the box disappears. The installation bar (the bottom one) never even starts.

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    @ bgray

    Please post post back a screen shot with the error message that appears during the installation process so I can help you further.

    @ DenverBronco

    Do you get any error message (if yes - please reply with a print screen of the error) or does the installation simply vanishes?

    Thank you!

  • i have same problem with installing antivirus x 64 offline edition on windows 8 x 64 .

    at 34% scan the installer crash with this error :


  • Hello direlap,

    The solution to your installation issue is available here:

    Thank you, let me know if you need further help.