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  • LukacsB
    Still no advanced interface available? What is BD afraid of? Perhaps they're afraid that some basic user will turn the interface on by accident? Maybe BD can make the advanced interface available by agreeing to a list of warnings, but provide a "Return to Simple Interface" button on all dialogs.

    Man wait. The new BD will include some of the future requests.

  • columbo
    edited June 2013

    That's what I'm thinking too, wait to see what the new version brings.

  • Man wait. The new BD will include some of the future requests.

    lol that made me laugh.

  • blackkynit
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    Well, my K*asper license recently expired. I planning to buy BD. I try 30 days trial. Do 1st full scan / system scan is more light than Kasper. but i was surprised cause not all my files is virus, some time BD false positiv. ex : crack or patch of program, trainer for game was deleted. So, i not trusted AV take over (became assistant) for my PC.

    so the point is : i agree to add "Prompt for Action" for real time and scan.

    btw if you do not mind, why not made ​​voting in this forum for this case ?



  • blackdog
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    Cracks are often flagged as malware, due to the nature of their processes, I believe. Also, some can be 'timebombs', ie, seemingly harmless at first, but set to 'trigger' actions such as Trojans. key loggers, etc, at a later point in time. Do not trust cracks.

  • this is exactly why i went to a different security package bitdefender takes all the user control away from them even in user mode.One time i need to exit out of bitdefender to install a program but of course bitdefender hasn't got a exit or pause protection option nearly all security packages have prompt for action.

    i have removed BD now because im not into silent security.

  • Bulletbling
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    There is no reason for this not to be included. EVERY other antivirus has the option for a pop up to ask what you want to do with a detected file. Why not just add an option to allow an "ask user" option. This is a standard feature in every antivirus and some people have chosen not to use Bitdefender because its not implemented.

    Please make an "advanced mode" so we can adjust more settings that are in every other antivirus. And if you're worried about it not making Bitdefender novice friendly then make a warning popup before advanced mode is activated. I know BOTH AVG and Kaspersky have a ton of settings for you to change. People will still buy Bitdefender if there are some more settings because Bitdefender currently has barely any settings to change and several more wouldn't hurt considering AVG and Kaspersky have dozens of settings you can adjust and people still buy those antiviruses.

    I know many would also like an option when you right click the bitdefender icon in the taskbar to completely disable the antivirus because when in the main interface, turning the antivirus off doesn't turn off on-access scanning or active virus control.

    Lastly, when turning off notifications for each part of bitdefender, the firewall for example will still tell you it was turned off or the updater will not update because my laptop is still connecting to the internet after booting up and give me that stupid red notification on the widget which is there a lot of the time.

    Please do these or I will not be purchasing next year.

    Thank you.

  • I wanted to evaluate latest versions of AV products to see if I needed to change mine and this feature is a must for me. All AV have false positives. Implementing/burying this feature in settings (maybe advanced settings) shouldn't be that hard. Novice users ask advanced users for AV recommendation, remember that ;P

  • Couldn't edit my post, adding: Implementing/burying this feature in settings (maybe advanced settings and disabled by default) shouldn't be that hard. I know novice users blame av product when it's their ignorance and fault, when you let them decide to update av software (which most of them never do) or prompt for action. But hiding this option in settings would be good for advanced users who needs it.

  • Would also like to see this option again in BD.

    Most of the time the "normal" way of BD just makes me more work then it should save me.

    So impliment it already please :(


  • I am also sweating on this option.

    False positives nuking legit binaries is no fun.

    Previous versions incorporated a "prompt for action" option didn't they?

  • dpazg

    Has it already been added to bitdefender?? I´m planning in buying it but if it hasn´t been implemented I'll better wait

  • Charyb
    Charyb ✭✭✭
    Has it already been added to bitdefender?? I´m planning in buying it but if it hasn´t been implemented I'll better wait

    I haven't seen it.

  • Kronvict

    I just bought bitdefender 3 days ago and the false positive are annoying the h*** out of me given the fact that such a basic feature as prompting for action is not included that i am forced to uninstall it for now. Even the free edition had some basic form of this feature.

  • Started in 2011, at the end of 2014 still no 'ignore/ignore once/ignore forever' function. Ridiculous, considering that every AV has false positives.

    Don't keep belittling the users by, basically, calling them computer illiterate. That's the kind of arrogance I would expect from Avast&Co. <_<

  • +1 on ignore once. There are a lot of instances that this would be needed. 1.gif