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Profiles Wreaking Havoc On My High End Hp Win7 Laptop


Why in the world would the new profiles in 2015 max out the brightness on our screens and unhide our taskbars that we have designated to automatically hide? Could you please explain this to me? The new profiles are completely unusable because of the havoc that they wreak on my computer. I have had to turn profiles off just like I have had to turn off wallet, safebox and nearly every other feature of Bitdefender because they are too dysfunctional to use. Don't you ever test your software before you release it?


  • It shouldn't alter brightness if you deselect "Adjust power plan and and visual settings for games/etc". Taskbar hiding might fall under the visual settings portion of that, as well.

    I do agree that settings like these should not be altered by BD for profiles. It actually lowered my display sleep setting from 30 to 15 minutes. There really isn't any good reason for BD to be touching that setting at all. The same goes for brightness, too. My laptop has a very bright display, and I would not want it set to 100% unless I am using it outdoors.