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Firwall Issues And Suite Functionality


1. All custom settings I have made in Bit defender revert back to default settings each time computer is restarted.

2. Wallet doesn’t appear to work – Credentials are not filled in at saved sites. The extension is enabled in my browser and in Safe pay.

3. Cannot change WI-FI stealth settings in drop down menu. Settings will not change when selected.

4. Safe pay gives warning that hotspot protection needs to be turned on even though it is already turned on.

5. Always receive warning “Cannot connect to server” when running Vulnerability Scan feature.

6 No connections monitoring in firewall ??

Am I not understanding the features yet or is this a very disappointing product?


  • I don't know about Wallet/Safepay or the wifi issues as I don't use either feature.

    I, and others, have had issues with various settings resetting themselves on restart or even just closing/reopening the BitDefender UI. I'm getting tired of having to open BD just to re-disable Scan SSL feature that breaks some basic certificate security features.

    And the firewall does in fact lack a connection/traffic monitor. This was removed along with Paranoid Mode, but the latter is returning in a future update. For connection monitoring you'll need to use something else, such as Microsoft's TCPView

    To be honest, I'm not sure why the "firewall" was even included in the suite. It really does nothing for PC security unless you set up custom rules to block specific traffic for specific programs. You can't limit traffic to certain ports/IPs without manually blocking every other port/IP it might use, because BD will automatically create an "allow all" rule if the program attempts any connection that doesn't match an existing rule. In its current state, I think Windows 7's integrated firewall is a better choice, as it does at least block incoming connections that aren't specifically allowed. I know I would not trust BD's firewall if I was not behind a router, or connecting to a wireless network outside of my own.

  • darge
    1. All custom settings I have made in Bit defender revert back to default settings each time computer is restarted.

    Some people were able to fix this issue by doing a simple update. Some of them uninstalled and reinstall, then do a full update. I think this is also worth the try. 1.gif