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Antivirus Plus Integration With Outlook


From the readme file of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014:

"Antivirus Plus integrates with Outlook 2010"

To my knowledge, "integration" with email client means the AV has access to the message after it was decrypted by the email client, so the incomming port shouldn't matter.

Note, this is not about anti spam, just scanning message for malware.

My Outlook is 2010. It uses POP3S on port 995 with SSL.

My question is, does Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014 scan for viruses incoming messages regardless of protocol, or port, or SSL encryption? Thank you for helping.


  • bitter150
    edited August 2014


    Really no answer anywhere?

    What's about the BD behaviour if outlook must use non standard ports (Pop/Smtp) because of a mail proxy?

  • darge

    I don't think it does. Just that you mentioned that it's not a standard port. Using SSL already gives you an extra layer of protection, so I would say that "in a way", your still protected for man in the middle attacks. 1.gif