I'm not sure what they added with this new build, but I love the new scanning UI :)


  • Yeah would be nice to see the list of changes.. SSL seems to behave as expected now and not simply enable itself. Wallet services are still running for no good reason though..

  • Is there anyone at Bitdefender who can be bothered to update the list of changes in

  • Daf44
    edited August 2014

    Some things never change at Bitdefender support.

    We will know the changes in the new build eventually, someday, in due time, be patient. :rolleyes:

  • Also Bitdefender Browser Toolbar Interface has Changed

  • Mahdi
    edited August 2014

    Why the change here not yet?

    i can not see post for 18.0.14 .... why ?????????????????????????????????????

  • antikythera
    edited August 2014

    :rolleyes: Because the Bitdefender Support Personnel who update that thread out of courtesy most likely have other tasks which take precedence to complete first. Your large text and excessive usage of question marks won't make them update it any quicker.

    Threads like this are exactly why I made this feature request about including the information in the update event:

    We will know the changes in the new build eventually, someday, in due time, be patient
    Well said!
  • Hey,if it runs well,that's all that matters,and it's running well here.The change logs are near meaningless for me in that regard.Hopefully,Christian is enjoying a well earned vacation.The life of a tech support engineer is certainly a stressful one.I,for one,look forward to his return.

  • Hello everyone,

    Sorry for the delayed reply, I was indeed off last week, but now the changelog is posted in the dedicated topic :)

    Thank you!

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