Setup Not Working

I've been searching for 2 hours and have found nothing on this problem.

I downloaded BitDefender.

I uninstalled Norton using the uninstall tool for it. Deleted all the files that it missed using CC and Regcleaner.

Clicked the exe file to run BitDefender setup. A window opened and said "downloading bdav.msi"

Then it told me there was some kind of problem and I needed to run the online scan and try running it again. Which I did. Over 2 hours of scanning.... then I tried again. Now it just hangs there downloading bdav.msi.

This is not a good start for a new antivirus and I'm sitting without any at all now since I removed Norton.



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    G’Day “linda502”

    This is an old issue and specifically is a problem with the Symantec/Norton products not having uninstalled correctly !

    Quote: “I uninstalled Norton using the uninstall tool for it. Deleted all the files that it missed using CC and Regcleaner.”

    The CC (CrapCleaner v2.04.543 ) is good at its job, Regcleaner on the other hand is not not so good and it misses a lot.

    1. please download and install the “Windows Install Clean Up” utility file name “msicuu2.exe” from this Microsoft link

    2. re=boot after installing it and then run it. In it’s program window which pops up, look for any of Symantec’s programs like cc????? (take care there is only one that belong to the CC (crapcleaner) and then click on the item and then Remove. Then continue to find any file names with Symantec and Norton and also remove these.

    3. After performing the item 2 tasks, re-boot.

    4. Now to ensure that the Norton Protected Recycle Bin is also correctly uninstalled, by following these instruction from the symantec site - and expand (click on the OS + symbol for the installed OS) and follow the instructions. (read carefully as some items may not be there, just continue to the next step – However it is important that you follow the exact steps in the order of the instruction.

    5. Now re-boot once again. The reason we re-boot so many times is to ensure that anything in memory is eliminated and the registry entries are re-initialised with a fresh load of the System.

    6. I now suggest that you run the “Search”- “for Files or Folder” and search for any entries (files and folder containing the following words don not use the “” in the search word,

    1st search for “ Norton “ and anything that it finds, Delete it

    2nd search for “ Symantec " and anything that it finds, Delete it

    7. Also delete any old Cookies and Temp Internet files from the “Internet Properties” – “Delete Browsing History” utility.

    8. Now empty the Recycle bin and also empty the Temp folder(s) content for all users on your PC. And once again run the CC other wise and better known as the CrapCleaner.

    9. Now download a fresh copy of the installation using the BitDefender Internet Security 2008 (make sure you have the correct 32 or 64 bit version for your system) file and then run it. The anti-virus on its own is not a good protection from Intruder and other hacker attempt when we have fast cable or ADSL internet connections.

    Yup, Symantec /Norton is a pain in the butt to un-install correctly.

    NB: Please ensure that you are not running any other Security programs while you install BD software. AdAware installation warnings from BD installation screens can be ignored as long as you are not running the “AdWatch” utility which is part of AdAware 2007 suite.

  • Thanks so much for the help.

    I'm only at step 2. I installed, rebooted and ran the program.

    I see nothing in the Clean Up utility program window that looks even remotely like Symantec or Norton.

    The only two things I don't recognize are:

    Security Update for CAPICOM

    WebFldrs XP

    And I don't think they are what I'm looking for.

    Any ideas where I go from here?

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    Hello linda502,

    Have you also tried the Norton Removal Tool?

    Also, if you have some firewall installed and active, check that the BitDefender installer has permission to access the network.

    Lastly, you can just manually download the latest installation kit from the BitDefender website. If my assumption is correct, you are trying to install BitDefender Antivirus (not Internet Security, or Total Security). If this is correct, this is the page where you can download it from: (English version)

    If you need other version (or other language), please visit the main site and download it.

    After that, before installing, unplug your network cable (or disable the network card) and install it.

    The problem is that BitDefender searches for a newer installation kit. If found, it downloads it and installs it. In your case, it seems that it cannot download the new installer. If there's no network connection, then BD Installer won't be able to search for new versions, and BD will be installed from the kit that you already have. :)

    Don't worry about installing an older version, because with the first BD update (which is made right after you install it), BD will get the latest versions for all files. ;)


    P.S.: Some info about CAPICOM and WebFolders XP

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    G’Day once again “linda502”

    Any Tools pertaining specifically to a Publishers Application Program should if available always be downloaded from that publishers web site so that all required instructions are available to the User. This is the Publishers link,

    in that copies from other locations do not give you nor do they outline the other relevant detail and options for the tool.

    In this instance where the Tools has already been used, Quote: “I uninstalled Norton using the uninstall tool for it.” it is of no avail to use it again.

    Having dealt with Peter Norton’s products since 1990, we get used to the failures and errors that are cause by publishers products and recommend the fix in the shortest possible way.

    This tool, i.e. The Norton Removal Tool, does not clean all of it’s registry entries nor does it clean all of the folders and files which it originally installed the product into and generated. No doubt you discovered that when you did the search on your hard disk for the Symantec and Norton Files and Folders.

    When the standard un-install may have been used (through the “Add and Remove” utility and or the Norton Uninstall Tool, it usually indicates that the uninstall did not perform correctly.

    In any event, with all Symantec Products we have found it (over the last 27 years) preferable to perform the outlined procedures to “Clean Up” any Symantec / Norton Installations. Mind you while Peter Norton himself was at the helm, a lot of these issues did not occur and it was only after Symantec took over that these problems became common place and more so when the started the release of the 2000 range of their products.

    Hence the clear outlined instructions on how to remove the folder and file entries and the use of the Windows Cleanup Tool to remove the Registry entries.

    When you said “I see nothing in the Clean Up utility program window that looks even remotely like Symantec or Norton.“ that was a good sign. Mind you if we performed a Registry search using the Edit -> “Find..” option to look for Norton and Symantec, you would still find remaining orphan entries that belong to the product. However these do not usually create any problems and can be disregarded.

    From the above post you had the links to your question regarding the “CAPICOM

    WebFldrs XP“ entries, these are part of a Windows and Windows Update that you must have performed at some time. The Capicom update details are - Security Update for CAPICOM (KB931906) -;displaylang=en and the WebFldrs XP (webfldrs.msi ) belongs to Microsoft Windows for troubleshooting if you have a problem with it go here otherwise don’t touch.

    As I outlined many times before, a Anti-Virus on it’s own is not a good idea when you have a fast ADSL or Cable internet connection. To avail yourself of, “As close as possible Total Protection” from Virus, Trojan, Worm, Spyware, Malware, etc. etc. you need to use a Suite that contains all of these protection factors or you need to source individual product that do the same thing.

    The Security Suite way is the easier option to install. However just remember, “There is no Security Suite or Individual Anti – “anything” that affords you a guaranty of 100% protection. If you read the fine print on any publishers product for these type of programs you will understand that they do not make any such claims nor to they give you any warranty or guaranty against the factors from which they suggest and or attempt to protect you from.

    You no not have to unplug your internet connection when installing BitDefender. At the time when the popup message asks you if you want to “Download the latest …i.e. a new version is available do you want to download it “ just click on “No” and the installation proceeds and installs the version that you have already downloaded and as suggested, it will be automatically updated when the installation is completed and you have rebooted your PC as per the installation instructions.

    OK, I trust that you are now able to install a Security Suite of your choice and your system is protected.

    Mind you, there is always more than one way to solve or fix a problem, it’s up to you to choose the one that you can understand and follow to fix your problem.

    I f you need any help with configuring BitDefender just ask. Better to take the time and read the Help Files, you learn more. - Happy computing


  • Thank you so much for the detailed instructions/explanations/descriptions, it really helps to know the why behind the how and have it explained in laymans terms. I run a forum myself so I know how time consuming (and frustrating) it is to repeat so much information.

    I sometimes forget that 'shutting down' my computer and 'restarting' it have totally different effects. Last night I shut it down. When I tried to install this morning all went well, it went so fast that it almost scared me! Everything appears to be working great. I'm glad to be rid of Symantec, I think I just preformed liposuction on mu PC!

    I now need to remove TrendMicro from a laptop to install BD AV 2008. I'm sure it won't be such a time consuming experience. I'll use the manufacturer uninstaller referenced in the pinned topic "How To Remove Previous Anti-viruses". Is there anything I should be aware of before doing this?

    Again thanks for ALL the info. I'm sure others will find this a lifesaver.

  • G’Day again “Linda502”

    Nope, if you have followed the set out instructions, then you should have no further issues with the current installation of the BD product.

    As to the other “TrendMicro” (George will be unhappy when I tell him) uninstall, you should use the original uninstall from the shortcut Program folder directory of the product, and if it does not have it’s own, then you need to use the default “Add or Remove Programs” of the OS. When the list is loaded simply click on the program and click on the “Remove” button that is then revealed on the right side of the program line and follow the instructions in the uninstall procedure.

    Publishers Uninstall or Removal Tools, need only be used if the default uninstall (s) do not work correctly.

    But remember after the uninstall – even if not prompted, re-boot anyway and then perform a search for the product name on the hard drive and delete any orphans that remain before installing the new program which takes it’s place.

    Obviously if you have a registry cleaner like “Registry Mechanic or “RegCure” then run this as well to help clean the Registry of orphans and redundant entries.

    BitDefender Total Security 2008 has a built one, which you could run after you have installed it, if that is the program you selected to use.

    I trust that you have an Internet Security Firewall installed in addition to only Installing BD Anti-Virus ? as the AV on its own is not sufficient to protect your system when you have fast ADSL or a Cable Internet connection.


  • Just wanted to come back and say all went well... thanks for the help!! The BD install is easy once you get rid of the garbage. And thanks for pointing me to the CC program. I've tried several other tools similar to it but they are confusing and scarey. CC is a keeper.