Four Builds Backward ......


Is there any technical explanation for that Spanish even we are in the build the 9th of July?

When they have been three in English and currently builds go through



  • inca1
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    nothing ?? Already in the English version will in Spanish and instead continue with .........:wacko:

  • The same problem here. I have had this problem for years, since I started using bitdefender. Always I am forced to download the current installer, uninstall and install the antivirus again. The impression is that I can not die, and the program will automatically update ever.

    There's no denying that the company is one of the best in computer security, but sins in detail paramount.


  • Still no response and some have already released a new version today

    Version: EFX

    In the Spanish forum no answer, and here also ....... :blink:<img class=" />

  • Rohugh

    It seems that v. has now been released in Spanish. (Reported in this Link).

  • Is the EFX??



  • Rohugh
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    Is the EFX??

    I don't know, I live in Spain but use the English version. My "About" window shows the same as yours.


  • ok, thank you. :)