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Is Bitdefender Pc Optimizer better than Ccleaner?


  • Is Bitdefender Pc Optimizer better than Ccleaner?

    I think no because Bitdefender cleaner released not a long time ago and CCleaner were improving their cleaning methods a long time.

    Also from my expierence I prefer CCleaner because I think it clean more trash and have more options.

  • Everytime I use CCleaner there is a new version so I think you are right.

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    Is Bitdefender Pc Optimizer better than Ccleaner?


    We can't ask that question (read the forum rules please).

    CCleaner is a 3d party cleaning tool for files and registry, while Optimizer is an extra Bitdefender feature, besides the antivirus protection.

    In addition, OneClick Optimizer option saves you valuable time when you want a quick way to improve your system performance by rapidly scanning, detecting and cleaning useless files.

    Unnecessary applications that are annoyingly slowing down booting time when you open your PC can be disabled or postponed from opening with the Startup Optimizer thus saving you valuable time. Similar to Autoruns from Sysinternals suite.

  • Hi Georgia

    Thank you for your answer. I thought that Pc Optimizer was a program for it self and without reading the text thoroughly I bought a license recently. I could'nt stop the transaction so I had to pay.

  • Very nicely said by Georgia. Everyone wants a one stop shop. So it would make sense if we use all BD features for convenience instead of using a third party install. That's just for me though. 1.gif

  • Is Bitdefender Pc Optimizer better than Ccleaner?

    I installed BD TS 2015 somewhere in September 2014, 5 months after having migrated from XP to a new system with Windows 8.1

    As far as I recall, I have used the free edition of Ccleaner to good effect on an XP machine for years on end, and Ccleaner indeed seemed to be very thrustworthy all the way through. Never had any problems with it, hardly ever needed to restore a backup reg file after cleaning registry items, either. I also bought the Ccleaner Pro version for this PC on W8.1, but for some reason - which seems to be due to W8.1 not letting the User take full ownership of some exe's - it doesn't work like it used to, specifically with regards to cleaning registry entries. (I am still trying to figure out how this came about)

    In any case, it seems that Bitdefender Pc Optimizer DOES in fact clean cookies and junkfiles of sorts, but I can't really figure out if the Registry cleaner of this optimizer actually works, because it has never mentioned finding any obsolete reg keys (since I had installed BD TS), like other registry cleaners still do.

    Which is pretty odd, because I can test several registry editors (about 4 to 5 different ones) and they always seem to find a whole list of registry keys, while BD optimizer never finds anything !

    Also, Ccleaner Pro has a certain advantage of being able to automate the clean-up for different browsers as soon as the user has closed browsing sessions.

    I haven't seen a lot of drawbacks with regards to the use of Ccleaner. That is the long and short of it.

  • That's my impression too. The Bitdefender Optimizer never find a thing in the Registry even if CCleaner does. The Optimizer and CCleaner finds exactly the same amounts of cookies and temp files (just tried). I stay with CCleaner and if there is an serious problem one can always try Adwcleaner which is very effective but don't overdo the use of it.


  • You can use swift pc optimizer for clean all temp and useless file..

    source : http://www.swiftpcoptimizer.com/

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    You can use swift pc optimizer for clean all temp and useless file..

    source :


    When I use swift pc optimizer Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 write this:

    The application swiftpcserv.exe acceses a web resource http://what-is-my-ip.net

    I have uninstalled the program again.