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  • I have been using Bitdefender for some years now, and I am quite satisfied with it.

    However, the recent update that causes VSSERV.Exe to be around 250-300mb causes memory problems with various programs and games I run on my PC.

    Windows keeps reporting that memory is low in games that had no trouble before.

    If this is working as intended I'd rather have an option where I can choose to load it into memory or onto disk. Because right now, I rather take the minor performance decrease over the constant memory frustrations.

    If this is not possible I will look for alternatives that provide me with the security I need without the huge drain on memory.

  • I've read enough

    BD has become a MEMORY HOG

    I'm going with some other VP.

  • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I think you can just go into "Services.msc" and temporarily disable "Vsserv.exe" while playing games, etc.

    Then when finished, go back into your services and enable it back up.

  • I can't say 347 Mb (right now) is acceptable, even if I'm using some 6 to 12 Gb laptops and desktops.

    Used memory has gone up the whole day, possible garbage collector issue?

    I mainly use my computers for working purposes, so temporarily disabling "vsserv.exe" is not the right answer for me. On the other hand, what other users, without a tecchy approach, can do with some of the proposed solutions? I don't see them starting / stopping services, modifying the registry, ...

    I've been lately using some really strong and time consuming tools, and response times can end up being really irritating.

    At this point in time, after wasting several hours investigating the reasons for this poor performance, I'm seriously thinking on removing BD suite if this situation lasts longer, even if my license doesnt expire till april next year.

  • My mother has become the 5th person this week (4 were customers of mine) to tell me they don't want to renew their Bitdefender subscriptions because they have noticed how much it slows their computers. All of which far exceed the stated minimum requirements.

    These are not isolated incidences either and I'm quite frankly tired of hearing the complaints. Ever since this behaviour began I've had remote sessions to 'cure' poor computer performance which has been established to be caused by both the startup boot delay and memory usage of bitdefender. They have two current options as far as I can see, remove it before their subscription runs out and lose the value of it. Or wait and remove it come renewal time.

    I have asked them to open support tickets themselves and lodge their concerns. I have no idea whether or not this generally happens (I'd guess not as they are busy getting on with work and life in general) as I am not going to pester them.

    Why? Because the countless complaints on here and to technical support at Bitdefender are obviously falling on deaf ears. Please stop burying your heads in the sand.

    So the 'as designed' high memory usage is clearly a problem in the real world whether or not the developers care to accept it. The current 2015 build is no better and the so-called fix of turning off early access startup scanning is risible. So upgrading is not a viable solution.

    As for myself, I probably will not cannot carry using or recommending it either until such time these issues are properly addressed.

    Constructive feedback/borderline rant over. If you read this far I thank you for persevering...

  • Will the last person out please close the windows, turn off the lights and close the door. Thanks...

  • Hello all,

    Thank you for your patience.

    What you reported in this thread is not an issue/bug/defect. It is the normal behavior of the product. Although it may seem as a large quantity of memory is being used, you have to keep in mind that there is a lot of malware out there and we need many malware signatures in order to catch them, signatures that reside in the memory.

    In order to limit the amount of memory used, what the Bitdefender developers did starting with build #17.27 was keeping the memory usage at a low level by continuously swapping a large portion of it to the disk. This keeps the memory usage at a low level but has a cost in performance. As today’s standard computer has a lot more memory than when we first introduced this behavior, we no longer deem necessary swapping memory to disk.

    Hi, now the BD memory consumption is 1,451MB. Do you still consider this a "normal behavior"??


  • Seems like it takes up more memory every time I boot my computer. Even when it was around 1500mB a week or two ago I was annoyed, now its up at 2200mb.

    Hope there's a fix soon.


  • Seems like it takes up more memory every time I boot my computer. Even when it was around 1500mB a week or two ago I was annoyed, now its up at 2200mb.

    Hope there's a fix soon.

    Hi goblinaldo,

    Welcome on the forum!

    Sure, I hope there's a fix soon... In a few weeks the 2016 will be available, so you will probably be able to upgrade... I'll do that too from my 2014 version which does not have this bug...

    ... and we'll check what happens.

    Maybe, you could check your system too, we don't know what could trigger this bug in BD...

    checking the system



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    puggy and goblinaldo,

    Hiya guys, this is a pretty old thread and there is a newer one here - http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=57561

    The problem has been acknowledged and Bitdefender devs are working on a solution which will be forthcoming soon, I hope. It does not seem to effect everyone, I did not see anything much over 270mb with BD TS 2015 even after an extended computer use and for me the new 2016 beta is also behaving the same way so maybe they have already sorted it, just not released it to update.


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