Is There A Bitdefender Windows 8 Security Removal Tool

I am currently using Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 and have 11 days left on my license

I am thinking of trying Bitdefender Windows 8 Security on my laptop Win 8.1 64bit.

Does the current Bitdefender Removal Tool remove Windows 8 Securuty "lefftovers". or is there a seperate tool for this version? (incase I prefer BIS 2015)



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    I have tried BD Win 8 Security on both desktop and laptop, on both I have preferred BD TS 2015. When downloading and installing TS 2015 the installer has detected Win 8 Security and removed it prior to the TS installation. I have had no problems with leftovers, to be expected as they are both the "same family". The same will also apply to BD Internet Security.


  • Thank for your reply, Rohugh. How did you find the ram usage, was it much lower tha BD TS 2015, and was it lighter on your laptop?


  • the 2013 uninstaller should work for windows 8 security if you do try it. however, please note that the entire range of Bitdefender products from July 2013 onwards contain ELAM. ELAM was one of the main reasons for windows 8 security in the first instance. BDAV and BDIS can both scan windows 8 apps because they scan all files accessed via realtime protection. system scans would also include the apps.

    I believe this may be why Bitdefender chose not to release a 2014/2015 build of windows 8 security. the windows 8 security code could even be used in internet security 2013/14. so I firmly believe you would be better sticking with either 2014 or 2015 internet security.

  • Thanks antikythera for your explanation. I will stay with Bitdefender Internet Security 2015.


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