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Ssl Certificate Update


please update ssl certificate to make it compatible with Firefox developer edition


  • I'd like to have this as well please. Right now, I can't seem to find a work around.

  • TheNit
    edited November 2014
    I'd like to have this as well please. Right now, I can't seem to find a work around.

    I just started getting the untrusted certificate for Google Canada using IE11 today. I found the following

    and it does the workaround. I'm not sure what the solution is (rather than a workaround).

    From Bitdefender's website...

    What to do when Security Certificates cannot be verified/installed

    This warning is presented by a web browser when accessing a site that has a security certificate installed (for SSL/TLS data encryption) which cannot be verified or installed by the web browser.

    To solve this issue, we recommend you to temporarily turn off “Scan SSL” feature in Bitdefender as follows:

    bring up the main Bitdefender interface

    click on Settings from the upper right toolbar

    From Settings Overview choose Privacy Control

    In the Antiphishing tab use the switch to temporarily turn off Scan SSL feature

    Now close the Bitdefender window and try to access the webpage one more time.

  • gordow

    This above solution works, but why its just doing it now is the question. It just started to happen to me with a few sites today, being one of them. I was actually using it just fine and closed IE and then went back about an hour later when this started.

    Any fixes that don't include turning off parts of the product thats supposed to be securing our computers?

  • makischa

    Can you please fix this issue that's been going on for years now? Turning SSL scanning off is not a solution as it disables a useful function of the software.

    At least update us on how you are handling it and what your plans are for solution. All versions are affected and it is a huge pain to have to manually check every certificate because the padlock in the address bar indicates a problem.

    Also, why do some encrypted websites seem to be ok? Eg amazon and google