How Can We Check For Virus In A Newly Downloaded File Or Folder Full Of Files?


I'm new now in Bitdefender (came from Avast Pro - where it used to be ease). I already used Bitdefender in a long way past.

Would be nice if we could scan a recently downloaded file or group of files inside a folder or a zipped folder.

Best Regards,

Julio Borges


  • Rohugh

    Right click - Scan with Bitdefender.

  • I think he meant auto scan for a new file. I'm not sure though but I think that would be scanned automatically if real time protection is enabled. 1.gif

  • Most AV's including BD have On-access scanners.

    A type of antivirus program which runs in the background and actively

    scans your computer system constantly for viruses and other malicious threats, for the entire duration that your

    system is powered on, unless paused by the computer user. On-access scanners will monitor all system activity

    and automatically scan files which have been downloaded from the Internet or through e-mail.

    This is in contrast with on-demand scanner which allows you to scan items when you choose, BD allows for both,

    On access scanning runs without your input though so don't worry! :)