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Hello, I recently switched from AVG to BitDefender. I noticed when I do a full system scan it would be extremely slow. Sometimes, when I would start the scan it would go to 50% in 10 mins then would be extremely slow and may move up 2% in 2 hours. Does anyone have a custom scan settings I can use or have any recommendations to speed up the scan? When it is scanning I make sure I am not using my computer and I have already uninstalled useless programs that might get in the way. I never even completed a full system scan because of how slow it is.

Another question, the profile drop-down menu. Where it says game,standard,movie etc how does this effect BitDefender and my PC. If I go into gaming would it not pop up notifications?

Thanks for taking the time to read my thread and hopefully you can respond.

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    Welcome to the BD Forum. The initial scan of a computer, or when there have been significant changes/updates to the computer, tend to be somewhat slow. Bitdefender does speed up in subsequent scans once it gets to "know" your computer. Other factors that impact scan speeds are how much data and programs are on your computer, the speed of your HD and CPU, available RAM, etc. Personally, I am quite happy with the BD scan speeds.

    I, like some others on this Forum, have not found "Profiles" to be all that useful. You can configure what they control under the Tools menu, Profiles, Configure. In essence, I think the idea was to optimize the performance of the computer to the type of task it was undertaking. It can postpone updates and such. Haven't noticed that it makes that much difference. Just my opinion.

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  • If you have never completed a full system scan you need too then once that is done it should be a little faster next time, Also depending on how many files are on your PC can make scans take a long time.