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Vmware And Other Virtual Nic's

I have VMware Workstation 11 installed alongside BD.

Issue that I'm seeing is the Virtual Machines are not able to access sources on the internet when using default layout. By default I mean:

Network Type : primary nic is set to Network Type: Trusted / Stealth mode = off / Generiic = on

Only if i turn off the firewall entirely OR if I place the primary nic to Network Type: Trusted do i regain the ability to ping out to the internet.

Obviously, this is not a solution since I do need to have control over ports that are allowed in to my NIC using a functional Firewall.

What do you recommend for the correct settings to allow VMware's Bridged interfaces to allow access outbound to the internet? (Trusted or firewall off are not valid since they allow all traffic and would negate the reason why I installed a firewall in the first place)

Bitdefender 2015 total security

I see forum topics on this going back to 2010 so I hope some solution has been discovered to remedy the concern of your customers.


  • I have exactly the same problem. Any solution yet?

  • Hi, have you tried setting the VMware directory to firewall exclusion list? That might just solve the issue. 1.gif