Bitdefender Free Lost Function

A week or so ago I installed BitDefender Free on my Win7 Pro 64 bit desktop, after fully deleting Microsoft Security Essentials. It activated and within a day or so had done both a quick sweep and a deep sweep. But:

The user manual suggests there is a menu you can use to run on-demand scans. I only just found that menu, you get it by right-clicking the tray icon. But it doesn't seem to be schedulable - you have to do it manually.

When BD first came up, clicking on the "Logs" link at the bottom would pop a window showing logs and quarantine. Within 4 days that link no longer works, so I now have no way to check recent (or any) logs, and no way to look at anything in quarantine.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Did I not truly get rid of MSE? This product was highly recommended but it's not very friendly.



  • suditu
    edited September 2015

    Bitdefender free can't schedule tasks(like at 6:00 Am scan partition drive),it scans and schedule them automatically.

    For now all i can suggest is to try a repair.I'm not an expert but it might help.Also i run Bd free on 2 pc .No problems so far for me.

    Good luck.

    PS:I hope you don't have any important files in the quarintine.I don't know if they are going to get deleted or not.

  • As andrei112 stated, there are no controls for scheduled scans in Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition. Automatic scans happen on internal schedule every week for the deep sweep, and every couple of days (or sooner!) for the quick sweep. Please note there is no full scan schedule, the deep sweep is not a full scan. There is no practical need for any more scans than what it does on its own anyway. At times, the LOGS panel is slow to show up. If you are impatient and click on something else before it comes up, it may not get a chance to come up at all! Yet, there may be a rare instance when the LOGS panel appears not to be showing at all. If it really appears the LOGS panel will not show, it is best to simply Exit the interface through the tray icon, and re-start the interface (through the start menu or desktop icon). The interface may take a few seconds to start again.

    If something seems wrong you can try repairing the software though Windows Control Panel.

    p.s. I do not think you needed to remove MSE for installing Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition. If there is any conflict with the software is probably caused by something else.