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Really Good Bitdefender Feature Request.

edited September 2015 in Feature request

Hi. i have few good feature request for bitdefender.

1. Add under Profile Settings option for configure standard Apps(software) list. Why sometimes bitdefender go to game profile even we use for example: CD burning software, or some third part software.

2. When we need to add for example add new game in game profile list, in program path is missing navigation bar. Why sometime we need to add more softwares in example game list and it is really slow every time navigate like now to every game path... with this future we can faster and even HIDEN folder put in bitdefender. i will upload pic of my request

3. Make option for customization Home page interface in bitdefender. add our scan, or tool what we most use,... soo Customization Home page Blocks.



  • Charyb

    I like feature request 2

  • I like Option 3 to customize and Bitdefender should take their past products user interfaces and make it so that you can switch themes between the old and new ones. Almost like Comodo does! ^_^

  • I also this feature Option 3 ... <img class=" />