A Lot Of Duplicated Rules


I have notice I have got a lot the same rules added to Firewall rule section.

How to get rid of them (ex. same rule is listed about 20 times) and how to prevent BD TS 2015 from duplicate already existed rules?

Removing them one by one is really annoying.

Thank you in advance.

One more thing.

Internet Explorer ask every for permission when started. The permission is ALREADY added to rules setting.

How to fix it, please?



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    I have the exact same problem. The rules already configured do absolutely nothing to prevent BD from asking for a program's internet access every time that program is opened. I.e., every time I open a book in Adobe Digital Edition, BD asks me if that program has access, despite the fact that there are dozens of identical "deny" rules already in place under "firewall/rules". This is extremely annoying.

    Today I was trying to remove some of these identical rules, only to be told that BD "Failed to communicate with the BD security service". I at first thought that this was just a glitch, but several hours after my first try BD's response is the same. Now of course I wonder, HOW exactly BD plans on protecting my pc, if it cannot communicate with the security service ??????

    I have BD Internet Security 2015

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    I have much the same problem.

    I tried to remove a duplicate rule and was asked for confirmation and I gave it, but the rule persists.

    No matter how many times I delete the rule "successfully", it's still there.

    This is obviously a problem with BD Internet Security 2015.

    I'm new here, do the folks at BD read these forums or should we open a Problem Report with tech support?

  • I am having the exact same issue. There is already a rule I explicitly defined to allow an application to access the Internet. The application still keeps prompting. This often happens when the application is started by another application.

    It's a shame given that we are talking about a Firewall product here. If one cannot even trust the Firewall itself ...

  • I had the same problem since I passed to Windows 10.

    I added a rule to block an application from accessing the internet, I check all the network type, set the rule to be both direction and any protocol. But even with this rule the firewall keeps adding an "allow" rule for my application each time I used it. So now I have to activate the "Paranoid mode" to keeps track of what the firewall do, it's very annoying.

  • Same here on Win10x64_Home; multiple rules based on passing traffic. I also noted any WAN traffic coming inbound from the router was treated as local traffic and passed right through (a big no-no...); I wound-up dumping the BD TS2015 firewall altogether for the Win10 built-in firewall - at least it works as designed...

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