Turn On Virus Protection And Windows Firewall


Since BD Total 2016 got updated to version 1143, I am getting a Windows system alert asking me to turn on antispyware and firewall. - Either to choose BD or Windows Defender. However, BD Total 2016 reports that everything is fine.

I thought it might be some installation error, so I repaired BD - which restored everything to version 1037 and the popups disappeared.

Subsequently, BD Total 2016 re-updated itself to 1143 and the Windows System popups are back asking to enable the firewall.

In addition I have to note that the PC has become extremely slow. I don't know if BD is behind this issue as well.

I have a Windows 10 Pro x64 system. Microsoft has not issued any updates in the last week to have wrecked the system.


  • Problem was solved i guess, after windows sent a cumulative update today. Haven't seen the pop ups anymore