Buying A Posa Key From Amazon

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I use an older version of Total Security, I forget which version (it's just called "Bitdefender Total Security" and doesn't have a version number). Last year I bought a TS 2015 retail disc from Amazon. Having installed and tried the software I gave up and installed my older version instead and just used the license key. I prefer the layout and functions of the older version, 2015 seems to nanny me all the time, keeping tools out of my reach and automating everything, which is frustrating for an IT professional such as myself.

My current license is almost up so it's time for a new one however I've been looking at the so called "POSA" cards on Amazon. While Avangate are sending me email reminders and a renewal price of 50 something pounds (because of the one I bought from them several years ago!) I can save around £40 of that price by buying the POSA card!

But can I use the key on the POSA card for Total Security 2015 with my current older version of the software for another 12 months?

Amazon's listing is here:


  • Well, since no one could be bothered to answer my post I went ahead and bought one anyway. Yes it does work. You just enter the key that's emailed to you in the registration bit.