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Firewall Rules Set By Me, Constantly Overridden In Bd Firewall

edited April 2015 in Firewall


Some programs in my PC seem to have the ability to override rules that I set to "Deny", to "Allow". I've even monitored it live - with BD Firewall rules window in front of me, I opened one of those programs and saw an "Allow" rule appear right next to the "Deny" one. I did this with multiple programs and only a few were able to do this. How can this be? How can I fix it?



  • MaresK

    I can confirm this issue - new "Allow" rule after creation is then treated as duplicate to previously defined "Deny" rule, but both exists in BD...

    In "Events" is "Access granted" message... <img class=" />

  • IdanP
    edited June 2015

    Having the same issue, been trying to report it here but sadly got no official response for over a month now.

    It's like the rule feature is just for show but actually does nothing.

  • I have same issue.

    Custom firewall rules get ignored with paranoid mode on OR off, I set a program not to connect to internet with protocol: Any + Direction: Both, but still a dialog box comes up asking what to do when in paranoid mode.

    With paranoid mode off, the firewall just allows the program to connect even though I set the same settings; Deny Access, Protocol: Any, Direction: Both.

    Please fix this, this is really annoying, the firewall from 2011 was never this annoying!

    Ive been a customer for a long time, and I would prefer not to leave Bitdefender.

  • I am having the same issue.

    My FIREFOX.EXE gets blocked all the time.

    I manually go to Firewall / Rules and ADD "ALLOW" rule for that specific firefox.exe in a specific location.

    This works for a while.

    Then for some odd reason, Firewall detects "suspicious activity" and blocks firefox.exe again, writing a new DENY rule and overriding my ALLOW rule.

    This is totally insane.

    I will stop buying all Bitdefender products, unless this is fixed.

    Where is the TOTAL EXCLUSION list for the Firewall? I don't want Firewall to block something I've already unblocked (yes, I know it's unsafe, that's my choice!).

    Writing over user's own rules is not kosher and violates all sane usability rules.

    BTW, this has been going on for months already. Time to fix it NOW!