Continue Download Even Close App


I wait until the bug resolve and then I choose bitdefender again.

But now I see old bug in 2016 edition again !!!!

You can not resolve it permanently ? :blink:

Are you enginneer or ... ?

please open the web page below:

Play the movie and then close the app.

You see bandwidth usage while you close the app.

Please fix that pleaaaaaaase....


  • You can not resolve it permanently ?
    Wait before fix, thanks.
  • Wait before fix, thanks.

    We wait from year 2013, dear.

  • ntvolli
    edited February 2016

    Same as here

    This issue was caused by trafficlight. When you disable the trafficlight dll (rename the bdtl.dll under Programfiles-->BitDefender-->BitDefender 2016 into bdtl.dl_) the issue is gone.

    I am in oantact with the support since monday, but no response yet. The connections to the webservers could no be closing; they will get the status fin_wait2 which means that the connections will stay open, even when you stop the video or go to another website. So the bandwith will be eaten...

    Its is a annoying old bug. Just search for "ghosttraffic"...



  • Or an older backup functioning.