Ransomware Protection For Folders Not Clear

I just purchased Bitdefender Total Security 2016 to replace my former security software and am confused about the Ransomware Protection. When adding folders or files to be protected, am I supposed to select all subfolders manually or can I just select the root folder? I don't see an option to let the software know I want all subfolders included like Windows Explorer has.

I have a lot of files in subfolders beneath a main folder that contain more subfolders beneath each one. If I have to select all of the subs I might as well forget it because it will take much too long.


  • ryspredator
    edited February 2016

    You only have to select the root folder, everything in the root folder will be protected :)

  • You only have to select the root folder, everything in the root folder will be protected :)

    Thank you. That's how I set it up. If I had to do it by subfolders and files, it would take forever.

    I have a hard drive that is specifically for old files that I frequently update which is why I was interested in how this was to be set up. Now I'm thinking just to be cautious I should make backups to DVDs for some of that stuff then remove it just in case something happens. If something were to ever be hacked, I have external drives with backups of everything. The only problem is those external drives are not updated as frequently.

    I'm overly cautious because the data on those drives dates from the present back to the 1980's and I no longer have those documents. They've all been digitized. I only keep original documents that I have to keep. I was into digitizing before scanners came out by faxing files to my computer then years later turning them into PDF's. That's the only reason why I have files that are so old and I would like to keep them.