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Safepay Bookmark In Bd Is 2016


I just upgraded from BD IS 2015 to BD IS 2016. In IS 2015 I had a bookmark in Safepay that linked to a banking website. When it opened I would input my log in data and it would then open my account page.

After updating to IS 2016 I recreated the same bookmark. I input my login data as before but after a short (2 - 3 second) period in which it looked as though it was opening my account page the browser page in Safepay would just stop and display a white background. No information at all. If I open the site directly in Safepay (not using the bookmark) it has the same behavior. I have another bookmark in Safepay in it works properly.

Using a regular browser, Firefox, Chrome, etc., I can go to the website, input login info and the account page will open.

As stated the bookmark worked fine in Safepay/BD IS 2015. Just won't work in Safepay/BD IS 2016.

Any solution or suggestions?


  • Nesivos

    I would double check the URL you entered in Safepay with the one that works in your browser. Make sure they are the same.

    Also make sure the SafePay settings are not set to not use SafePay for that website.

  • I've done that twice. The website url is a the default home page for the bank. There is a login module on it. That page displays fine, it only after entering login info and selecting the "Go" button in the login module that the Safepay browser in BD IS 2016 does not display the account page. Just a blank white background.

    Safepay settings are set to not use that url for Safepay.

    As stated, the exact same url worked fine in BD IS 2015.

  • Just wondering if anyone else has input on this issue. I've deleted and recreated the bookmark several times with no change in behavior. Still will not show account page, just a blank white field. Other bookmarks work fine.

  • When I go to Bank of America a lot of times the screen will be just white, like some ****** isn't running. When I use the bank's safepay module for the credit card I get the white screen a lot. I figured it was something that BD thinks is bad and is preventing something from refreshing the screen. Doesn't happen all the time but it is a PITA!

  • Yeah, agree about being a PITA! Especially since the exact same bookmark worked fine in BD IS 2015.

  • Just bought the Total Security 2016 Bitdefender. My questions is the Safepay included? I ask because...I just trying to get myself familiarized with the software. Went into the safe pay page and curious enough and open or click on it, next thing I know it took over when I try to log into my bank. Did this happened to anyone? You guys input will much appreciate it.