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Firewall And Ransomware Settings


I've just upgraded from BD IS 2015 to BD IS 2016. Installation went fine and updates are current. Just now re-configuring settings/modules. I have a couple of questions about differences from BD IS 2015. :unsure:

1.) In the Firewall module under Adapters tab are the settings I have now correct? I seem to remember that BD IS 2015 had the option for Remote in the Stealth drop down menu. That's not available in BD IS 2016. If is now set to Off. Generic drop down is also set to Off. I'm not currently having any issues with connection to the internet after the upgrade. No other systems on my network.


2.) Ransomware Protection is new and I have enabled the module (On). I have also added a couple of custom folders for data kept on secondary hard drive. I had to Allow a couple of alerts for an application which I have used in the past without any issues. Assume that is safe? I have not turned on the Protection at boot option yet. Will activating this option slow down boot time performance? I'm using an SSD as my boot drive so I'm used to very fast boot times now. Also, any issues or problems to be aware of if I enable it?

System is Windows 7 64 bit.

Appreciate any advice.


  • Nesivos

    1. Bitdefender recommends turning off the Windows Firewall. I do not do this. I just make sure that the Windows and Bitdefender Firewalls are both set to Private on and use the other default settings with it. If you leave the Windows Firewall on, or actually turn it back on after installing BD you might want to look at the apps listed in both firewalls to see that there are no conflicts. Again BD recommends leaving the Windows Firewall off and I would think you would find some that leave it off and some like myself that turn it back on. For better or worse I rely first on what Microsoft and Windows say. This was not always the case for example with XP but with W10 I trust Windows.

    2. I have boot protection on in Ransomware. No idea if it slows down the boot or restart times. I have never compared them with Ransomware boot protection on vs off. Simple enough to do. Just do a cold boot and restart with Ransomware boot protection on and with it off. Then compare times.

    By the way, besides my desktops with HDDs I have two Lenovo computers a laptop and a 2 in 1 hybrid. Both have SSD drives. I use "SSD-Tweak" on the Lenovos and it has noticeably helped performance. I use their default recommendations. The license is very chea.p and can be used on multiple computers.

  • Been awhile since I posted. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations on the adapter settings for local area connection as shown in my screenshot. Those settings are the default ones after upgrading to BD IS 2016 from BD IS 2015.