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Problem With Autopilot And Game Profile



My problem is that, after making a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro, the AutoPilot in my Total Security 2016 decides that I'm playing a game, even when no other program has started yet. I don't know which program or process is triggering this, but it didn't happen in my previous instalation of Windows (also 10 Pro).

If you could tell me how to detect which program or process is the guilty, I'd appreciate it <img class=" />

Meanwhile I'll use this product switching profiles manually. It's not a big deal, but it'd be great if a product as important as BitDefender Total Security could work 100% properly, and that means, with all its features.

I'll be waiting for answers ;)


  • brylok1981

    game profiles is often enabled by steam, orign, gog and amd geaming envolwed raptor clients

    but that are not games this apps download games onley or check driver updates