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    Under General Settings, Advanced, I see there is now an option to scan the Hosts File.

  • For:

    - Bitdefender Total Security

    - Bitdefender Internet Security

    - Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

    Version (build):

    Architecture: x86, x64

    Major corrections, changes and improvements:

    - Improvements in the Safepay interface

    - Better firewall integration

    - Added options in advance parameter for analyzing the hosts file

    - Fixed minor graphics issues

    - Improved performance and improvements for file transfers with http

    ------ Courtesy Yann, from the French Forums @ BD and google translate.

  • Today I got an update requiring a reboot. The build remains at

    There was an update to productagentservice.exe, to .106.

    And, as far as I can determine, a brand new addition to the mix, productagentui.exe.

    Shortly after the reboot, a UI window opened prompting me to enter my BD Central email and password.* This is new in my experience with BD IS 2016. I wish I would taken a screen shot. Not having noted that new exe until checking some logs later, I don't know if the two are related. But my logs show it did connect to login.bitdefender.net and downloaded 2.6 MB of something from four amazonaws and one akamaiedge subdomains.

    *This is not the behavior of the "Go to Bitdefender Central" tile in the UI which continues the usual launch of the default browser to open the BD Central Web login.

    Short of another reboot, I can't find a way to open that login UI again.

    Interesting update, to say the least.

  • Same update here with a reboot prompt but it did not ask me to enter my BD Central.

  • OK my first posting for these forums, I'm so right now. I get a update notice from Bitdefender after starting my system this morning. So I rebooted, since then I keep getting Bitdefender Central doing pop ups in every screen I have, If I click on a page and go there with in a minute I get a Bitdefender Central Pops up in the middle of the screen and Disconnects me from where I was. I was in World Of Warships about 2 hours ago ad just before entering battle I get a Bitdefender Central Window telling me I needed to sign in, And drops the connection with Worlds of Warships, I X out of the window instead of signing in. I reconnect with the Game and with in 5 minutes I get that same dam window again and again I get disconnected.

    Before this Update I never Had any problems like this, It's almost Like Bitdefender got Hacked !

    Like someone was able to get into a folder and change a few things around Before the update was processed to cause problems for you and your customers. Just to let you know someone has been there.

    And I look at others on here who have posted before and I see Malwarebytes Antimalware under there sentences, I don't Understand.

    When I updated My 2016 Internet Securities Bitdefender told me I had to uninstall my version of Malwarebytes Antimalware in order for it to work Properly. And I had to Uninstall my Spybot Search and Destroy with Antivirus Version that I bought Just 2 months Prior in order to work Properly.

    So Why the isn't Bitdefender Working Properly Now?

    I even made a attempt to go to Bitdefender Central Support online and signed into my account and that little bell in the upper right corner for Notifications, Well mine currently says I have 6. Yet when I click on it, It shows 0 But asks if I want to delete any.

    I do web Graphics nothing pro. But was working on a piece a few moments ago and I get that dam Bitdefender Central Pop up window right in the middle of my work. When I click the X on the Bitdefender central window, the window closes and so did the program. Grrr I lost the work I had done. That's mostly Why I am so right now.

    Yes I have screenshots Of what I am talking about for most. Prnt Screen and me are good friends. Hmm can't do images or links. ok then how do I show.



  • I get a Bitdefender Central Window telling me I needed to sign in - When I click the X on the Bitdefender central window,

    Sign in instead of the click on X, maybe?

    I'm getting SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN on those two photobucket links. I do have browser security screwed down pretty tight, tho.

    I un-installed Malwarebyte Anti-Malware Premium, installed BD IS 2106 and re-installed it.

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