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Bd 2017 Feature Requests


1) You need to improve your support. I would suggest that you think of raising the cost of your product by USD 1 per customer. I am pretty sure you have a few million customers. This amount should be more than good to service our requests.

Price, good quality product and amazing homepage graphics alone cannot get you customers. You need to have a good support. I have posted so many things in these forums. Some of them being rants. Honestly I almost took my business to Kaspersky. They actually have a better feature set than BD. The only reason I didn't move my business was because I realised they didn't have a 64bit version of the product, just like Norton. It's not like there is 64bit virus, but the day one comes, I don't want to be on the back foot.

To start with, selectively answering questions in the forum and ignoring most others is not the way. I really hope that the management is also looking at the BD forums. I really doubt it.

2) When an update needs a restart, you need to intimate the user. Or this option has to be prominent on the front GUI. Not hidden behind layers of clicks. An ordinary user will not know it. An even better solution is to automatically apply the update when the PC restarts, instead of making people click on restart inside the GUI.

3) The Firewall. This seems to have gone back instead of improve. Please invest in a good team and make a better product. I don't want to compromise the firewall by changing certain settings just to allow the tiles to show the data on the start menu.

4) Consider full disk encryption as an option. Bitlocker is good, but you need a TPM. Don't just ape the competition. Make it better. We are talking about your total security product giving people complete security.

5) People are under increased risks of clicking links that they shouldn't. Especially the type links. You need to bring machine learning to assess these links before its really opened on websites and emails in a privacy conscious way. Something similar to what Microsoft is doing on the enterprise side. Please don't make this an enterprise feature for your products too. Make it such that everyone can access it. Please refer to this link

6) Consider rolling out your own VPN network globally to protect people from public WiFi Threats. This could be an additional level of feature for your top end product. Alternatively many folks already have a VPN nowadays, but would like all network traffic blocked until their VPN is connected at Public WiFi places. If a person connects to a public wifi (or gets disconnected from the VPN), Bitdefender's Firewall should be able to block access to all network activity with a pop up saying that we have detected you are in a high risk zone. Please connect your VPN before clicking here to reactivate network activity. In fact I have asked many many times about how to configure the firewall in BD to block all internet traffic unless it detects a specific IP range that I am connected to - ie for my VPN. Going back to selective answering, no one has even acknowledged or answered the question from BD's side. This feature is available on Windows Firewall when one searches online. Odd that folks at BD cannot help solve the simple problem.

7) I ran a scan of my computer using Zscaler's Security health check - It failed the test as far as being blocked from connecting to a known botnet is concerned, phishing - going back to point number 5 above, vulnerability to threats on a known malicious website.

This should be comprehensive enough to give you a major lead / edge against all your competitors, if you are serious about building something that stands out rather than ape the competition. But, start with point number 1 first - a good after sales support.

- a well wisher


  • It's firewall should be able to act like VPN killswitch at least. :rolleyes:

  • madalin88

    Make a Universal app for Windows 10 Mobile.

    It's been a while since they gave up the Windows Mobile platform

  • brylok1981
    brylok1981 ✭✭
    edited May 2016

    add ignore option fore user selected apps in profile settings like steam, orgin,, amd geaming evolved and others this aps do not olways need game profile


    Make possible to send phishing detected site to


    add ignore coockies option in cleaner


    integration with mail UWP apps like Outlook in windows 10


    Make tool to add clasic and Modern / UWP apps to game, work. movie and standard profile from list of all installed apps on device
    You can add ignore app profile too


    add efi boot scan option


    win 10 mobile has quite good pretaction all apps are runing in virtualy separated envirement


    Make a Universal app for Windows 10 Mobile.
    It's been a while since they gave up the Windows Mobile platform

  • VPN for Public WiFi networks, Improve the Clean-up tools and OneClick Optimizer, Improve the 'Checking third-party software updates' f.e. partnering with SOFTPEDIA or FilePuma for being able to check more software updates, and Improve the BD Wallet to make it as a Lastpass, 1Password or Keepass Wallet Multi-device with a lot of new features !! ;):ph34r: