Prompt Before Disinfection


I have had to reinstall a program 4 times so far today because bitdefender returns a false positive on it and automatically nukes it. This is getting absurd. Right now I have my antivirus turned OFF because I'm afraid of what might get deleted. Is it really so much to ask that I have a say in what gets removed from my own computer? If this isn't added soon I'm done with bitdefender forever. I'm really just done with this.


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    edited April 2016

    Hi there,

    I can see this may be frustrating for you.

    Please note you can add the program files & folders to the exclusion list in Bitdefender 2016 products by opening Bitdefender, navigate to Modules > Antivirus > Exclusions there you can add it to the list.

    This will prevent Bitdefender 2016 from scanning those folders/files and will thus allow you to use the program without it being deleted.

    Further to this, if you believe this is a false positive you can contact Bitdefender and provide a sample to them to evaluate the false positive here or you can contact them at

    Best of luck with the issue!